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Puisseguin Saint Émilion


Château l'Abbaye

Château Les Alberts

Château Anglade Bellevue


Château Barbé

Château Le Barrail

Château Bel Air La Royère

Château Bellevue


Château Bellevue Gazin

Château Bergère Brimaud

Château Berthenon


Château Bertinerie


Château Les Bertrands

Château Les Billauds

Château Bois Vert


Château Bonnage

Château La Botte

Château Bourdillot

Château La Braulterie


Château La Bretonnière



Château Cailleteau Bergeron

Château Camille Gaucheraud

Château Le Camplat

Château Canteloup

Château Cantinot

Château Cap Saint Martin

Château La Carelle

Château Cassagne Boutet

Domaine du Cassard

(Earl Des Vignobles Billieres)

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Clos de Castets

Cédric Bergeron Vigneron

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Château Chante Alouette

Château Charron

Château Chasseloup

Château Chasserat

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Château Les Chaumes

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Château Le Chay

Château Clos du Loup


Château Le Cône

Château Corps de Loup

Château Crusquet de Lagarcie



Château Les Donats

Château Dubraud



Clos de l'Echauguette

Château l'Escadre

Château de l’Espérance

Etalon Rouge



Château Ferthis

Château Fombrion

Château Fontarabie

Château Fouché


Château Frédignac


Château La Gamaye


Château Gauthier

Château Gigault

Château La Gontelle

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Château du Grand Barrail

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Château Le Grand Moulin

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Château Grand Renard

Château Grands Maréchaux

Château Les Graves

Domaines des Graves d'Ardonneau

Château Les Graves La Valade


Château Grillet Beauséjour



Château l’Haur du Chay


Château Haut Bertinerie

Château Haut Bourcier

Château Haut Canteloup

Château Haut Colombier


Château Haut Grélot

Château du Haut Guerin

Château Haut Meneau

Château Haut Perdrias

Château Haut Terrier

Château Haut La Valette

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Château Haut Vigneau

Château Haut Vrillant



Château Les Jonqueyres


Château Lagarde

Château La Levrette

Château Loumede

Château Loumede David

Château Lussan



Château Magdelaine Bouhou


Château Maine Gazin

Château Maine Tigreau

Château Maison Neuve

Domaine Maison de La Reine

Château Les Margagnis

Château Marinier

Château Marquet La Paillerie

Château Marquisat La Pérouse

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Château Marquis de Vauban

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Château La Martellerie

Château Marzin

Château des Matards

Château Mayne Guyon

Château Mazerolles

Château Menaudat

Château Les Millards

Château Les Moines 


Château Monconseil Gazin


Château Mondésir Gazin


Château Montfollet

Château Morange

Château La Motte

Château La Motte Bailan

Château La Motte de Lignac

Château Moulin Le Chasserat

See Château Chasserat

Château Moulin de Grillet


Château Nodot



Château Les Pâques

Château Pardaillan

Château La Parize

Château Paty Claune

Château Pérenne

Château Petit Boyer

Château Les Petits Arnauds


Château Peybonhomme Les Tours

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Château Peymelon

Château Peyraud

Château Peyreyre

Château Pinet La Roquette

Château Pouyau de Boisset


Château Puynard



Château La Raz Caman


Château Roland La Garde


Château La Rose Bellevue

Château Rousselle

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Château Sainte Luce Bellevue


Château de La Salle

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Château Segonzac


Château Siffle Merle

Châteaux Solidaires Société Coopérative Agricole



Château Le Taillou

Château Tayat

Château Terre Blanque

Château de Terre Taillyse

Château Les Tour Gayet

Château Tour Saint Germain


Château des Tourtes

Domaine de Tout l'y Faut


Château Les Vieux Moulins

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Château Le Vieux Pinson

Château Vieux Planty

Château du Vieux Puit

Les Vignerons de Tutiac

Château Le Virou

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Blaye is a beautiful area, quieter and less well known than many other Bordeaux regions. Hills rise up to 70m above the estuary sometimes making the place feel closer to Tuscany than France. 
The region's activity tends to be centered around the village of Blaye, a UNESCO world heritage site with its imposing citadel commissioned by Louis XIV dominating the Gironde landscape since 1685. Just down the road from Blaye is the village of Plassac, an ancient Gallo-Roman village and one of the first places in Bordeaux to grow wine.
About 7000 hectares are under vine, with a soil of clay over limestone. It produces reds, whites, and a small amount of rose and sparkling. The AOC regions have been reorganised many times, most recently in 2007, where Blaye AOC is exclusively red and Côtes de Blaye AOC is exclusively white, although for the listings on this page I have used Côtes de Blaye for both red and white. The former Premières Côtes de Blaye has been absorbed into Côtes de Bordeaux AOC and included both reds and white.
The red grape varietals are mostly Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, with small quantities of Malbec, Petit Verdot and Carménère. White wine under the label Côtes de Blaye is made predominantly from Colombard and Ugni blanc, whereas white wine under the label Côtes de Bordeaux (Blaye) is made predominantly from Sauvignon blanc, Semillon and Muscadelle.
The reds are fresh, fruity, and best drunk young, whereas the whites are dry, light, full of soft fruits.
On a personal note, I have lived in and around Blaye for most of 2020, and feel both the area and the wines are some of the most underrated and best value in all of Bordeaux. 
No visit to Blaye is complete without a drink and meal at Le Petit Wine Cave by the ferry in the village. 

In late 2020 the owner of Etalon Rouge in Blaye

and La Petite Cave wine bar, Leslie Kellen,

created a classification system for the

Blaye and Bourg appellations.

The 2020 Kellen Classification


This is the first time the wines of this region have been ranked into five growths, with growth one being the best and descending with respect to quality.

Click on the link to see the full classification list.