Roasted marrons

Cooking time is approximately 30 minutes with about 10 minutes preparation.

Serves as many as needed, just roast more!

It is a very easy dish.


Roasted marrons have been a popular since at least the 17th century, as cited in the poetical works of John Milton:

“While hisses on my hearth the pulpy pear, and blackening chestnuts start and crackle there.”

Roasted marrons


As many marrons as you want to eat.

Salt or seasoning to taste.

Roasted marrons

How to Cook

1. With a sharp knife, carefully cut a cross in each marron. Ensure to cut through the hard shell.

2. Heat the oven to 200C.

3. Place marrons in a baking tray and cook for 30 minutes until the shells peel back along where the cross has been made.

4. Serve either alone or as part of a larger recipe. They should be soft and tender. A drop of fat in the baking tray does no harm and adds to the flavour, but is not essential.


Wine Pairing

Pair with anything you fancy! I quite like them with a sweet Sauternes.