Grape Gripe is a place for wine and food lovers to explore France,

one recipe, bottle, and appellation at a time.

The learn page delves into the often complex world of wine. The wines page comprehensively explores the appellations of Bordeaux, with chateaux lists and links. There is a useful search function on the top of each page and multiple language options.


The shop is a selection of French wine producers that I think are particularly special and worth supporting. Small, family run, and organic.

Try your hand at French dishes that have worked well for me in the recipes section, or view the boat I have built, which will soon explore the French waterways.


My name is Adrienne.

I hold a PhD in geochemistry and engineering via the UK Space Agency. After lecturing for a while in astrobiology and robotics in Scotland, I decided to move to France, after passing the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) level 2. 

I hope you enjoy Grape Gripe!